The Honest Netflix Drinking Game



Chug for as long as it takes for the host to remember their password. Jesus, Shelley. Get your life together.

Take a sip for every time you’re embarrassed about what shows up in the Recently Watched spot, since you share an account with a dude that really, really likes fucking anime.

Take a sip whenever a person in the group recommends a documentary that they “heard was really good.” Take another sip every time you secretly wonder why you invited them over.

Take a sip every time someone makes a big deal about the rating a movie has, as if one star is going to stop you from watching that abysmal thing with the ghost girl on the poster.

Finish your drink whenever your group decides to find a different movie, even though you were secretly enjoying the movie that was just playing.

Chug for x seconds, every second representing a person that you invited over to enjoy a movie with that is now texting someone more important.

Take a shot every time you wonder if Netflix is providing a kind of life support for an underwhelming, stagnant relationship.

Take a shot every time you re-watch a sitcom, and chase it with the idea that you’re watching it again because you like it, not because you’re bothered by the fact that your social life isn’t as active as it was in college.

Take a sip every time that one goddamn person in the group nixes the movie that everyone else is excited for.

Finish your drink every time you come to find out that a movie you really wanted to watch has been taken off Netflix. Joy (and Batman Begins) will forever escape your grasp.

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