10 Things Only People With 90 Kids Will Remember


People with 90 kids had it made, right? Here’s some things that we all remember:

Watching them scramble over and crush each other in an attempt to catch the latest episode of Rocko’s Modern Life.

When they receive their first Tamagotchi and divide it amongst themselves, tearing it into little pieces and rendering the game unplayable.

When they try to fit into those bright pastel jeans all at once, transforming them into a many torso’d hydra that screeches for a release from this miserable, claustrophobic life.

Taking them to see Pokemon: The First Movie, and recoiling in horror as they descend upon the theatre, hunting the children that are not part of the pack.

Giving them Lisa Frank materials, and being puzzled when they apply it to their faces as if it’s war paint.

Seeing them rip open their Skip Its on Christmas morning, and watching them realize that a Skip It is the perfect weapon to use against the overlords that have bred them into a pained existence.

Using VHS tapes to block the door in a futile attempt to obstruct an oncoming horde that demands your blood.

Nostalgically looking at a photo from the time that you went to the book fair, until you become distracted by the heavy pounding on the walls around you.

Throwing a Lunchable out the window to divert their attention, and realizing that it won’t even buy you enough time to shout for help.

Taking the Warheads: Extreme Sour candies that have been laced with cyanide, because anything is better than what will happen when 180 tiny hands begin to rip into you.

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