Watch Michael Keaton Rip McDonald’s From People’s Hands


I’ve really enjoyed watching Michael Keaton’s post Birdman career. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always loved Keaton as an actor, but it wasn’t until now that a Michael Keaton starring role became a kind of event thing. The dude’s a great actor, but especially in his older age, I think it’s harder to nail down why or how he’s a great actor. Usually, when you talk about great acting, you use words like “charismatic” or “electrifying” or “multi-dimensional.” With Michael Keaton, all I have is “Well, I can’t stop watching Michael Keaton.” Just watch this trailer.

Is he going too big with his motions? Is he going too small with his facial expressions? I don’t know. He played my favorite version of Batman, but even when I tried to nail down why that was, all I could really say was “He has really intense eyes. His eyes make it look like he’s thinking about murdering me.”

In The Founder, Keaton plays Ray Kroc, a guy I know very, very little about. But from the looks of it, he rips the red and yellow carpet out from under Nick Offerman and John Carroll Lynch. And yes, I know that the guy Nick Offerman is playing isn’t named “Nick Offerman,” but if anyone was going to be an ageless demigod, doing various things and roaming the earth like a mustachioed Orlando, it would be Nick Offerman. He will survive when all of man is dust.

The Founder come out on August 5th. See it.

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