The Batman 500: “The Cat and the Claw Part 2”

This is 500 words about a Batman episode. This is the BATMAN 500.

In the last review, I talked about liking the relationship between Batman and Catwoman. So much so that their relationship kind of overtook any interest that I had in the main plot about the Red Claw doing terrorism whatevers. Well, while “The Cat and the Claw: Part 2” has some of that charming Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne repartee, it mostly deals with the culmination of the Red Claw’s scheme, and it doesn’t even seem that interested in it. The whole episode plays like the crew behind Batman really didn’t want to have to deal with the Red Claw’s storyline, and wouldn’t have if they didn’t already establish her in the first part. That’s what makes this second part so bland. The whole ordeal has a tone of “Who cares?” A tone of “And then this happens, I guess.”


None of the scenes feel like stuff that would naturally follow the scenes before them. Every event in this episode, regardless of how important it is to the plot, feels shoehorned in, done because it’s necessary to finish the damn episode and get it over with, rather than to build any sort of suspense or flow. This doesn’t make it a terrible episode, and you never wish that it would just end so that you could go back to doing literally anything else. But it rips the rug out from under what should be a more effective climax: what is Batman going to do about this whole Catwoman thing?

I also mentioned, in the last review, that Batman seems to enjoy Catwoman’s company a little more than he enjoys the idea of putting her behind bars. The end of “The Cat and the Claw: Part 2” doesn’t give us any hint that this might be weird for Batman like you were led to believe by the end of Part 1. Sure, he tells her that it’s hard for him, but we wasted so much time on the Red Claw stuff that all of the emotional build-up to that moment has been drained away. Making this particular narrative into a two-part thing was a mistake, as it’s got about one episode’s worth of entertaining material, and another episode’s worth of stuff that distracts you from the entertaining material. Red Claw would come back towards the end of the series, and we’ll see if she fairs any better there, but for now, she serves as the villain that took away from our more precious Batman/Catwoman time. Shame on you, Red Claw.

red claw

Does Batman watch his diet? Does he do research to make sure that he’s eating foods that are not going to make him have to poop while he’s patrolling around Gotham? Superman can just jet back home to use the toilet in an instant, but Batman is a regular guy. How often does Batman think “If I take a shit on this rooftop, no one will know?” Or does he keep little bags in the Batmobile like the ones they use in dog parks?

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