The Real Reason I’m Excited For Kong: Skull Island

I’m excited for Kong: Skull Island, mainly because I like to look at things through the lense of pro wrestling, and this really works out with the upcoming Godzilla vs King Kong remake. Just hear me out.

So Godzilla is Brock Lesnar.


He’s not really a monster. Sure, technically he is, but the 2014 Godzilla movie goes out of its way to be like “THIS IS NO REGULAR ANIMAL. HE IS A GOD.” Godzilla is a step above anything else in the world. He doesn’t fight in the Heavyweight division because he doesn’t need to. Godzilla could win every title out there if titles meant anything to him. No, Godzilla just plows through whatever is in front of him. Don’t piss him off or get in his way or try to disrupt the balance of the world and you should be cool. Godzilla isn’t a vicious god. But he is an uncaring one.

Here’s the thing about Godzilla. Just like Brock Lesnar, you don’t bring him out every week. The 2014 movie went a little overboard with the “not showing Godzilla” thing, but they had the right idea. Godzilla is best when he’s awe-inspiring. Every time he shows up should be a “Holy shit” moment, because you know that he’s about to german suplex you with his atomic breath. Or something like that. He’s not a monster that you humanize. He’s a monster that you mythologize.

On the other hand, you have King Kong, who basically fills the Daniel Bryan role.


Kong is smarter, Kong is faster, and Kong is a little more ingenious. But Kong’s not a god. No, Kong is firmly in the Heavyweight class. He can beat up any T-Rex or skullcrawler that comes his way, and he could probably take down a Rodan or a Mothra if he really wanted to. Although, King Kong vs Rodan wouldn’t sell shit for tickets, with the exception of me, four times.

Kong is a guy that you show off. You put him out there every week. You make him fight a skullcrawler or a giant spider or a big octopus, as the trailer shows him doing. You make him a fighter. And throughout that, you give him little moments where he doesn’t necessarily want to crush the human cast members in his movie, because Kong is a monster that you humanize. Kong is an underdog. Not just because he lacks fire powers and spikes, but because, unlike Godzilla he cares.

That’s how you build a fight. And that’s why I refuse to be pessimistic about the Monsterverse that’s being set up. Because this isn’t just another shared universe. This is Legendary basically setting up the Monster WrestleMania main event. And I will be chanting “THIS IS AWESOME” the whole time.


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