The Kurt Russell Effect

I, most certainly like you, saw the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer.

And I, most definitely like you, saw Kurt Russell, ripped off our shirts, and screamed “TAKE ME. TAKE ALL OF ME. IT’S YOU AND ME FOREVER, KURT RUSSELL.”


And sure, Kurt Russell possibly playing Star-Lord’s Dad has something to do with it, but most of it has to do with what I like to call “The Kurt Russell Effect.”

It happened when Kurt first showed up in Furious 7. And I’m sure it will happen again. After growing up watching Kurt Russell in things like Escape from New York and Big Trouble in Little China and The Thing, along with less John Carpenter-ey things like Stargate and Tombstone, and hell, even Overboard, that man is having, like, the fourth wind of his career. His whole acting life is made up of resurgences. A lot of times, actors get big, drop out for a little while, and then come back into the spotlight for one last round. Kurt Russell has done this dance about twenty times, so every new movie he’s in elicits the response of “OH MY GOD, IT’S KURT RUSSELL.”

On a side note, I’m super glad that Kurt Russell is still partially using his old Western beard that he had in The Hateful 8 and Bone Tomahawk. A lot of people have said that he looks like a president from the early 1800s, but to me, he looks more like a guy that would’ve tried to fist fight a president in the early 1800s.


That’s the look of a man that once threw a beer bottle at Martin Van Buren.

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