Heartbreak In A Small Town


Sarah had told you that she was too tired, but that you should definitely go, and so you went, by yourself, to Ryan’s birthday party at Ed’s Bar & Billiards. There, you met Brittany, who was Alex’s cousin, and you kissed Brittany after you’d both had a couple of beers and four Fireball shots a piece. Later that night, you drove around with Brittany, down Warren Creek Road and past Foothills Elementary, and you only stopped to make out some more, grope her inner thigh, and tell her all the things you wanted to do.

Sarah was up when you got home because she’d known about you kissing Brittany since you did. Alex had texted her, and she’d stayed up and begun to pack some things into her car. She yelled “Six years!” and “This shit again?” at you, but all the points that you tried to make were sweaty and shaky, just like you. She drove away, and a year later, you finally decided that what you had really wanted to tell her was “I thought I deserved more, but I didn’t know how to ask for it.”

Seven-hundred a month was a little much for you, so you moved in with Chris who owned a four bedroom house out in Richardson County. It was a forty minute drive from work, but it was only three-hundred a month, so it made sense to you. And on the hot night that you thought about getting pizza from Marco’s, you remembered that Sarah also liked getting pizza from Marco’s, so you decided to wait it out and see what was in the fridge.

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