6 Ke$ha Songs That Will Shelter You In A Storm

On August 11, Kesha comes out with her first album in five years “Rainbow.” And in the weeks leading up to it, she’s dropped three singles from it: “Praying,” “Woman,” and “Learn To Let Go.”

Naturally, my friend Jon and I have been sending these songs back and forth to each other as we attempt to prepare for the Kesha Renaissance that is upon us. And to celebrate this new age of wonder, we decided to pick six Ke$ha songs from the past that we desperately, vengefully adore.

“TiK ToK” – Daniel

The tune that launched a thousand pre-gaming parties, “TiK ToK” is less of a song and more of an itinerary for your trip to a hangover. It’s probably Ke$ha’s most popular hit, and lines like “Brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack” give me the feeling that I imagine some people get when they listen to The Beatles.

“Timber” – Jon

This song’s sound is not new – “Cotton Eyed Joe” and “Wake Me Up” have both done it before. But Ke$ha’s take on the country/EDM cocktail benefits from her Nashville heritage, with the slightest bit of twang in her vocals really setting the song off.

“Blow” – Daniel

“Blow” is Ke$ha’s most club-friendly song. It’s remarkably simple, and half the lyrics are simply Ke$ha turning the word “blow” into something with about eight syllables. I’m surprised that it wasn’t remixed and slapped onto the trailer of some misguided 2011 action movie about twenty-somethings with fast cars and problems.

“Take it Off” – Jon

Few songs sound more like Ke$ha than this song, a shiny, danceable banger built on a foundation of grimy lyrics. She makes a dive bar full of ne’er-do-wells sound like an Ibiza club.

“C’Mon” – Daniel

In my opinion, “C’Mon” is Ke$ha’s best song so far. Before writing this entry, I danced to it twice in my living room. And when I get done with this sentence, I’m going to dance to it two more times.

“Dirty Love” – Jon

It’s always great when you can tell an artist is having as much fun performing as you are listening, and the rock stylings of “Dirty Love” benefit from Ke$ha’s earnestness and Iggy Pop’s silly streak. The lyrics are borderline nonsense and the music is simple, but their enthusiasm is what sells the song.

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