I’ve been thinking a lot about the song “Swing” lately, and I assume you have, too.

It’s a pretty good club song. Savage has this low, loud, raspy voice that turns every vowel sound he makes into pure poetry. And unlike a lot of songs that describe some kind of dance move, “Swing” doesn’t leave you wondering what you’re supposed to do with your feet or hips. You just swing them. Hell, I can do that. That’s some utilitarian grooving. If your hips move in more than one direction, you can get down to “Swing.” Good on you, Savage.

And the chorus is pretty infectious, which is probably why Savage decides to eschew typical pop music structure and shove it in about twelve seconds into the song. After that, though, he raps the first verse, which is mostly him describing a girl and the high volume of people at this club. But then he ends the verse (and the second verse) with “I heard somebody yell ‘Savage, where the chorus at?'”

That’s a little rude.

Savage isn’t the best rapper. But you don’t yell “WHERE THE CHORUS AT?” at somebody. You don’t get a fifth of the way into “Freebird” and scream “SKYNYRD, WHERE THE…FASTER PART OF THE SONG AT?” Savage is just trying to rap a little bit. The chorus is, by far, the best part of the song, but allow him to get done with his verse. You heard the chorus. This verse is not going to last very long. I highly doubt that he’s going to pull a Big Daddy Kane and do a verse that constantly seems like it might be over, only to go on for about eight more glorious minutes.

So just let the man get done with his verse. Also, why are you so impatient? He obviously likes the chorus a lot and is planning to get back to it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have started off the damn song with it. Also, you can still dance to the verse. It’s not like you’re being forced to nod your head on the sidelines of the bar as Savage stumbles his way through some undance-able freestyle flow. I don’t know why you’re being such a pushy jerk, random guy that Savage inserted into a song that he probably wrote. Ease up, and enjoy yourself.


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